" People make 90% of their lasting impressions in first 90 seconds "
People who answer the telephone or who work in a reception area are vital members of the company they work for. Their level of performance is invaluable to the overall success of the company. A potential customerís perception of any company is based on how the front office staff handles the initial moment of contact.

If those of us in business were to ask all our customers how they first made contact with us it is highly likely that more than 80% did so by telephone. With most of the business deals half completed on the phone before a face to face contact is made, it is therefore all the more crucial for businesses to ensure that their front office / customer support staff / receptionists, including secretaries are trained properly in this vital area of telephone answering.

Public program: Conducted once every month
In-house program: Conducted exclusively for your staff... especially for Hotels, Hospitals, Airlines, Travel Agencies, Telecom service providers and other service institutions.
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